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Themes used: mundane, politics
Created with: Twine (browser version, using the story format Harlowe 2.1.0)

You are an intelligent, capable member of a thriving, (supposedly) idyllic democratic  society. Days are spent meeting your own needs as you work to the goal of a retirement (see: death) at the ripe old age of 100. To get there, you harvest (five) ingredients and combine them in an ancient tradition to produce years.

Life outside the hive complex can be dangerous after nightfall though; most folk spend their nights engaged in whatever work at hand interests them, often in exchange for additional years. Occasionally, these may influence the larger community around them, and lead to shifts in the political power of the hive's parties (for the current version of the game, you begin with one in power (sure), and two more - The 100% and US - "us" as in "this is for us"). And given that  policies enacted by whichever party is in power are able to directly affect behaviour of citizens...everyday life sometimes gets a just a little bit more complicated.

Plans for post-jam: Once voting for the game jam is done I'm looking forward to expanding on party mechanics, fully flesh out two more parties, make (nighttime) working restrictable by parties so that getting involved in politics becomes more necessary, and address a bunch of balance issues in general. Also add some art and make it look a bit nicer heh :P

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Tagsbrowser, Text based

Install instructions

Available as a html file, download and run it out of your browser. Specifically didn't leave it as an in-browser game here because of scaling issues.


All these years - BYOG.html 309 kB

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